Unique and Creative Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas: Making Crafts with Plastic Bottles Step by Step

Plastic bottles are around us. Almost everyday we find them in our surrounding. After we use them we throw them. We can of course recycle them. For the creative people, these plastic bottles can be something useful and profitable. So, if you realize that there are many of them around you and want to make something unique, entertaining, and even beneficial, here we’ve gathered a number of plastic bottle craft ideas to inspire you. The plastic bottle crafts can actually be something profitable business idea as well.

Easy Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

You can be creative by making a toy for your kids with plastic bottles. There are many plastic bottle recycling ideas for kids to find out there. Many of crafts with plastic water bottles are very interesting and fun. Your children will like them. Here, we’ve selected some of them for you.

plastic bottle craft ideas

A DIY craft project for recycling plastic bottles, a super fun hairstyling head doll. The coolest part? The yarn hair actually grows! This project is perfect for making use of leftover yarn scraps. Learn more from Handmade Charlotte.

monster mash

I am not a huge fan of Halloween… well, at least not the creepy, bloody, scary kinda Halloween. So here is my compromise – adorably misbehaving candy gorging monsters. Learn more from Craft Berry Bush.

airplane from plastic bottles

Who taught you how to save money? It’s helpful to learn money management at a young age. What better way than with an awesome airplane piggy bank? This easy piggy bank can be made in under an hour with everyday items like a plastic soda bottle. See the instruction from Bright Nest.