Creative and Unique Bathroom Picture Decor Ideas

Bathroom is one of important rooms in your home. This space does not only function as a room for cleaning your body but it can be a place to get relaxation after your tiring jobs. Bathroom should not be a dull place with any interesting things. To make your bathroom to be more comfortable and interesting, you need to decorate it. One of many ways to do it is using bathroom picture decor.

There are a lot of bathroom wall pictures ideas which are creative and unique indeed that you can use to adorn your bathroom wall. Here, we’ve selected some creative bathroom decor pictures to inspire you.

bathroom picture decor

If you need an idea how to place your towels in the bathroom, you can try the idea above. To make it, you don’t need to spend much. This place looks more like a shelf. You can put a picture on it or a clock.

bathroom wall decor with floating wooden shelves

Floating shelves are also very unique to decorate a bathroom wall. Take a look at the picture above.¬†You just need a few pieces of wood to make it. It’s not that difficult. On this wooden shelf, you can put whatever you need when bathing or something that makes the bathroom more attractive, like a flowerpot containing a rose.

wall decoration picture for large bathroom

For a spacious bathroom, you can place a functional cabinet. This cabinet can be used to store towels and put flowers in pots on it. For the wall, you can attach some pictures. Lamps with slightly dim light will make the atmosphere quiet and more comfortable. Photo courtesy of Freshome.

white bathroom decor picture

If your bathroom is not too large, you can create a table attached to the wall. This table can be used to put toiletries. Under the table, you can put a container to accommodate your towels or dirty clothes. An art picture will beautify your bathroom, like the picture above. Very creative.

bathroom decor with shelves

Put some shelves on the bathroom wall would be very beneficial. Make some simple wooden shelves. You can put a lot of things on it, which will not only beautify the bathroom but also useful.

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