Pictures of Small Bathrooms for Great Small Bathroom Designs

Many people having small bathrooms may think that their room is smaller than it actually is. If you are planning to design or decorate a small bathroom but lacking of bathroom decorating ideas for small bathrooms on where to begin, there are some tips that can be very helpful for you. One of them is by using pictures of small bathrooms.

Your small bathroom can be amazingly decorated if it is done with the right and proper ways or steps. If you think you shouldn’t design your small bathroom, you need to think it again.

There are a lot of unique, creative, and interesting pictures that you can use to get some great ideas for designing and decorating your small bathroom. Below are some tips from small bathroom design pictures you can apply to maximize that bathroom space.

pictures of small bathrooms

Using Only A Few Mirrors

Though it is right that the availability of mirrors in the bathroom create a feeling of space, but if you overdo, it shows otherwise. If you apply too many mirrors in your small bathroom, this way only highlights the corners of the room.

Pay a very careful attention when you want to place your mirrors. Placing them opposed of each other will not do. You should limit the mirrors for it will simply prove you how small the space is. Clear out your bathroom walls to generate more space for your small bathroom design.

picture of small bathroom

Keeping Things Floating

You may also bring to mind installing a floating cupboards and wall mounted sink. This will reduce them from using too much floor space. Also, you can make use of the bathroom floor for other purposes, for example placing a wastebasket or a plant.

small bathroom door ideas

Using Your Door

A frequent mistake with small bathroom owners is that they have a tendency to be paying much attention on their walls. Frequently, they fail to remember that they possess a door. This door is in fact more useful and functional than merely functioning as an entrance and exit.

You are able to install several towel and clothes hangers at your door to save space. This will also give you more wall space left for your small bathroom designing.

shower screen fold-able

Using Collapsible Shower Screens

This is another smart idea of saving space. If you your bathroom is small, chances are you will almost not have space particularly if your shower zone is enclosed in a non-collapsible shower screen.

These show screens may come in various styles. There are fold-able types and sliding types. You may even make use of curtains for the separation. This is a necessary thing you can do if you wish for clearing up some space for your small bathroom design.

picture of small bathroom window

Utilizing Light

Having a window available in your bathroom and letting natural light inside will only make your room more airy. This is free and you can generously make use of it to your advantage. But be convinced to not make your window too big. It will simply beat the idea of saving wall space.

small bathroom baskets

Using Baskets

Placing baskets and small bathroom cabinets can be fun. It is also able to tidy up your small bathroom. You can assemble handmade soaps into small baskets plus small towels or even a small basket plant.

This gives the bathroom a little more of an individual touch without making it look too frilly. Baskets are great. Just make certain to make a choice for the smaller ones or the peculiarly shaped ones will work too. Remember and ensure to not over stuff your small bathroom with too big of a basket.

small bathroom paint ideas


Painting your small bathtubs and bathroom with different colors can be a great and economical way to decorate. There are numerous methods that you can find out to utilize if you desire to escape from the traditional paint and hack into sponging, ragging, rolling, etc.

Sponging 2 or 3 colors on your small bathroom wall will give it a whole different look and frequently takes a small amount of time to do. If you are in doubt how to do any of these methods, you can always join a free class at your local hardware store. There, you can learn how to do these special painting methods.

More Amazing Pictures of Small Bathrooms

Get more ideas from the following small bathroom pictures:

awesome small bathroom picture

small bathroom picture with picture frames

small bathroom picture with floating sink

Remodeling, designing, or decorating small bathrooms can be a lot of excitement. You can get the ideas from the pictures of small bathrooms outlined above. You are able to save a lot of money if you shop wisely and your bathroom will gain the small face lift it deserves!


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